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4 Cavity Pail Mould

ENA MOULD is a professional manufacturer of plastic 4 cavity thin wall pail mold making from 250ml to 25Litre in different shape. Usually we design slider structure for top area of paint bucket, so that the edge undercut of the pail mould can be ejected smoothly. For reducing cycle time, we...

4 Cavity Pail Mould

1, ENA delivery the mould quotation to the customer upon receipt of your samples , 2D / 3D drawings & requirements . 

2, According to your specification , ISM will work on 2D / 3D product and mould drawings , that will send to the customers for approval . 

3, Once get customer approval on mould drawings , the production Dept. begins the tooling , following and updating the tooling and processing schedule weekly .

4, ISM will send to the customer weekly the photographic report on the mould progress . 

5, Mould testing : ISM will inform you the date ; Send the samples inspection report & mould running video with the sample to you inspection . 

6, ISM deliver the mould to the customer together with mould assemble drawings and spare parts list once get your instruction & confirmation for shipment .

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