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Teach You How To Remove The Dent In The Mold
Nov 20, 2017

In the process of producing products, notch is the most frequent occurrence of bad phenomenon, injection mold plastic in the cooling of the volume contraction, early cooling part of the surface hardening, the inside will produce bubbles, so-called Dent, is the cooling of the slow part in the direction of the bubble contraction produced a prominent concave.

Materials with large shrinkage can also produce dents. When you want to change the molding conditions to eliminate the dent, you should set the conditions to the small contraction direction. That is, the mold temperature, the barrel temperature is reduced, the ejection pressure increases, but should pay attention to this may cause the residual internal stress.

Because the dent to inconspicuous as good, so, if not affect the appearance of time, there is deliberately in the mold processing into a corrosive appearance, such as stria, granular and so on. Also, if the molding material is hips, reduce the mold temperature to reduce the finish is also effective. But once these methods have dents, it is difficult to repair the polished products.

Method of Solution

Immediate: Increase the ejection pressure, extend the time of holding the pressure, reduce the barrel temperature and mold temperature, and force the cooling in the place where the dent is produced.

Short-term: in the place of the producing dent the upper side (Fig a). When the material in the place where the dent is produced has a narrow place, the part is Binghou (Fig. b).

Long-term: should completely avoid the difference in the thickness of design products. Easy to produce concave reinforcement, long narrow shape should be as short as possible