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Requirements For Injection Moulding Machines And Moulds For Thin-walled Injection Molding
Nov 20, 2017

The need to produce small, lightweight parts has made thin-walled injection molding machine The most needed to increase the performance. "Thin wall" is usually defined by a lightweight electronic workpiece with a wall thickness less than 1mm. For large car parts, the "thin wall" can be 2mm. In short, the thin-walled products require a change in the processing process: higher pressure and speed, shorter cooling time, changing the top of the workpiece and the gate arrangement. The following is a thin-walled injection molding machine and mold requirements.

The standard injection machine can be used to produce many kinds of thin-walled products. At present, the performance of new type injection machine is much more than 10 years ago. Material, gate technology and the progress of the design, further widened the standard injection machine to the thin-walled workpiece mold filling performance. However, due to the decreasing wall thickness, a more special injection machine with high speed and high pressure performance is needed.

For example, an electronic workpiece with a thickness of less than 1mm, filling time less than 0.5 seconds and injection pressure exceeding 210MPa is very normal. The hydraulic injector for thin-walled injection is designed with accumulator, which can drive injection molding and clamping frequently. All-electric and electric/hydraulic injection machines with high and high performance are also available. In order to withstand the high pressure of the new injection machine, the minimum clamping force must be $number ton/inch (projection area).