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Questions And Answers About Mold Heat Treatment
Nov 20, 2017

1, H13 die steel How to heat treatment hardness to reach 58 ℃?

1050~1100℃ heating quenching, oil quenching, can meet the requirements, but the general hot die is not required so high hardness, so high hardness performance will be very poor, not easy to use, generally in hrc46~50 performance, durability.

2, after the mold heat treatment surface with what to wash white?

The problem adds: The general mold uses the oil stone first to beat then takes the nitriding, nitriding back and also use the oil stone that layer of black wipe white, then polishing very troublesome, do not rub white mirror, material has H13, have imported a good many, if there is liquid can be washed white, can be directly polished.

(1) can use stainless steel pickling solution, or hydrochloric acid cleaning. Sand blasting treatment can also be. Grinder grinding words of high cost, and large processing capacity, it is possible to make the size of the substandard. If hydrochloric acid does not wash off, it is estimated that you are using high chromium mold steel? Is it D2 or H13? The oxide layer of high chromium mould steel is difficult to wash off. Stainless steel pickling liquid should be available, abrasive shops or stainless steel shops are sold.

(2) Do you have no stainless steel pickling cream? The kind that can. H13 This kind of high chromium-containing mold steel, oxidation layer is difficult to wash off with hydrochloric acid. There is another way, since the mold has been oil stone, the surface is relatively smooth. In fact, you can only use coarse oil to polish the first, or sanding with sand, then heat treatment. Come back and polish it with a fine oil stone. You can also use the fiber wheel grinding first, you can effectively remove the black skin, and then grinding polishing. Or sandblasting, with 800 of boron carbide to do the sand test, should be able to remove the black skin, but also do not need too much time to grind.

3, heat treatment plant for metal heat treatment?

Heat treatment plant a lot of equipment, the stove probably has box-type furnace, well furnace, box-type furnace with the most, a lot of heat treatment can be in here surface treatment, such as annealing, normalizing and quenching heating process, tempering these common heat treatment.