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Mould And Mold In Various Countries In China
Nov 20, 2017

At present, Japan's mold manufacturing technology is still in the world's leading position. According to the Japanese Miti industrial statistics, Japan has a total of about 10,000 mold production plant, of which 20 people accounted for more than 91%, that is, Japan's mold industry mainly to small and medium-sized enterprises, mainly by specialized division of labor, the completion of high-quality mold design, processing. As a result of Japan's specialization in the division of labor done well, small and medium-sized mold Enterprises in the overall manufacturing level, so that "made in Japan" mold to become a brand, high-quality symbol. In recent years, Japan's plastic mold, powder metallurgy mold, die-casting mold growth is obvious, stamping dies and forging molds are relatively reduced trend.

It is understood that Japan's molds currently face five major issues-shortening delivery time, lower manufacturing costs, improve mold quality and precision, labor shortage and meet the challenges of Asian countries. In view of this situation, many Japanese mold manufacturers are actively expanding equipment investment. In processing, a large number of unattended processing units are used, or on-line control through the computer. In the design and manufacturing sector, almost all of the use of/technology, motion simulation analysis, DNC (direct digital control) processing. The technology development of mould is mainly developed to high precision, high speed, long life, complexity, large scale, integration and high performance.

More than 90% are small businesses with fewer than 50 people. Due to the high development of industrialization, the United States mold industry has long been a mature high-tech industry, in the forefront of the world. The United States Die steel has achieved standardized production and supply, mold design and manufacture of universal application of/technology, processing technology, inspection and testing supporting advanced equipment, large-scale, complex, sophisticated, long-life, high-performance mold Development to achieve the leading level

However, since the 90 's, the American economy has faced great adjustment and great changes in the post-industrial era, and has also faced strong international competition--from cost pressure, time pressure and competitive pressure.

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