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Brief Analysis And Development Suggestion Of Plastic Mould Industry
Nov 20, 2017

With the progress of processing technology and production equipment, plastic materials for the production of raw materials, through the hollow molding of different production and processing process of thermoplastic/thermosetting plastic products in the production of different occasions of the application of more and more extensive, light industry machinery, agroforestry and other industries, plastic products are widely used.

However, as the plastic products belong to polymer, how to dispose of discarded plastic products becomes a scratching problem. Simple landfill treatment, plastic products are difficult to decompose, but also pollute the soil environment. If incineration is carried out, the materials added during the plastic production process will produce poisonous and harmful gases and pollute the air environment.

It is understood that the emergence and development of recycled plastics industry, is expected to make plastic products pollution problem to be resolved. In recent years, people increasingly concern about the quality of living environment, the public awareness of environmental protection, coupled with the rise in crude oil prices, to promote the higher prices of plastic raw materials, clean and environmentally-friendly recycling plastics industry has been a good opportunity for development, industry experts introduced, through technological innovation products and industrial restructuring, China's recycled plastics industry has made great progress, is towards high-quality, many varieties, High-tech direction.

Although China's renewable plastics industry prospects, but in the actual development process, still face many problems. On the one hand, because of the wide source of recycled plastic, its quality is uneven, the performance difference between batches is also very large, resulting in recycled plastic quality stability is relatively low; on the other hand, the cost of recycled plastic is higher, the price is higher than the raw plastic price. In addition, from the current recycling of plastic industry as a whole, the domestic waste plastic recycling enterprises are still mainly small and medium-sized enterprises, the concentration of the industry is more decentralized. As waste plastic recycling is a complex process, the technical requirements are relatively high. And China's domestic recycling plastics industry is still mainly physical recovery, no doubt in a way to hinder the development of the entire industry process.

Experts believe that in the country vigorously promote the recycling economy, the implementation of traditional industrial reform, and promote environmentally friendly sustainable development in the context of the domestic renewable plastic industry, although there are still a variety of problems to be resolved, the renewable plastic industry development prospects remain bright. Domestic plastic industry enterprises should seize the opportunity to develop renewable plastic production projects to promote the green development of the industry.