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Analysis On Main Problems Of Mould Industry In China
Nov 20, 2017

China's mold industry at this stage is a period of transition, for the industry and enterprises have brought many opportunities and challenges. However, because of the existence of some problems left by the industry, the development encounters inevitable obstacles.

At present, the management of extensive, marketing level is not high, inefficiency is the main problem of the mold industry in China, the existence of these three problems, but also led to China's metal mold industry competitiveness is not strong. China's mold industry as a whole is still in the early stage of the world, without its own brand, there is no technological innovation ability, in the industrial chain control is more impossible to talk about. China's mold industry mainly exists in the single sales channels, raw material supply is constrained, the consciousness of resource integration is not very strong.

In the management of these enterprises, the modern enterprise system is not perfect, the overall marriage is still relatively messy, family-style management of the improper, financial cash flow management and product quality management has not reached effective control. Of course, because of these problems in the mold industry in China, we are also constantly exploring advanced production experience and management mode, but also continue to explore the new development path.