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Analysis Of Future Development Direction Of Mould Industry
Nov 20, 2017

With the continuous development of information technology, its technical content and complexity is also more and more high, the concept of intelligence began to infiltrate into all walks of life and all aspects of our lives, and the emergence of intelligent residential areas, intelligent hospitals, such as intelligent building as the basis for the development of the industry, the intellectualization of the industry is more indispensable.

With the rapid development of modern communication technology, computer network technology and Fieldbus control technology, digitalization, network and informatization are becoming more and more integrated into people's life. People in the standard of living, living conditions in the continuous upgrading and improvement of the quality of life has put forward a higher demand, intelligent residential district is in this context, and its growing demand, intelligent content has been constantly new concepts into.

Intelligent Mold is born under the impetus of modern science and technology, intelligent mold is the necessary condition for the development of modern manufacturing, so the demand of intelligent mould will be more and more big with the development of the industry, the market decides to produce, the intelligent mould is the most demand in the future, of course, will become the development direction

China's mold industry to achieve rapid development must develop intelligent molds, it is reported that with the low cost of human resources in our country and the continuous development of science and technology, automation and intelligent manufacturing must become the important direction of modern manufacturing, intelligent mold will also be rapid development. The use of intelligent mold production products can make the product quality and production efficiency further improve, more materials, achieve automated production and green manufacturing.

Therefore, although the current amount of intelligent mold is not much, but it represents the new development direction of mold technology, in the industry product structure adjustment and development mode will play a more and more important role. The development of intelligent mold, will certainly promote the entire mold industry level of rapid promotion played a powerful role in the development of the industry priority to develop smart molds is particularly necessary.