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What is thin-wall die structure?
May 19, 2018

Thin wall die structure, also known as shell structure. Its thickness is much smaller than other dimensions (such as span) and is only 0.4-0.8mm, so it is called thin wall. it

It belongs to the force structure of space, and it mainly bears the axial pressure inside the surface, and the bending moment is small. Its force is more reasonable, the strength of material can be obtained adequately.

The shell is often used for large span roof structures such as exhibition halls, clubs, hangars, etc.

Thin wall mould because of its thickness, light product, high output, short period of time, so it is very high requirements for mould making, locking structure.

Reasonable, the product's concentricity must be high, cannot eccentricity cannot be dislocated, the waterway design should be reasonable, this can reduce the molding cycle, the output can reach 5.

Seconds per module, a model of 4 cavity, the drawing Angle should be reasonable, to prevent the top out of deformation and stick mold, these inna mold do very good. Mold locking knot.

The structure is also more complicated than the ordinary mold.

What is the material of thin wall mould?

The material of thin wall mould is:

1. The mold is made of S316, which prevents the mold and water hole from rusting;

2. The front and rear mold USES heat treatment steel 2344, S136, DC53, GS767 and other materials, and processed to hrc48-52 to extend the mold life and rust prevention;

3. The front and rear mold inserts, such as heat or mouth inserts, are used in S136 or 083 and heat treatment, and the front mould cup bottom inserts are made of S136, 083, 2344 and other hot spots.

The low top insert of the rear mold cup is due to the high temperature at the mouth, and the heat dissipation is not ideal, using beryllium copper.

4. Since the front and rear models are all in the form of independent columbium, the guide sleeve on the mold is required to be supported, and 2510 and quenching to hrc48-52.

5. All the guide posts and guides are in HASCO. 6. HUSKY is required to be used in mold hot mouth, and the hot mouth assembly should be informed in advance to taizhou huangyan inna mold.

Limited company, let the company arrange professional installation.

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