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Usage and maintenance of plastic trays
May 24, 2018

When using plastic trays, pay attention to the following points:

1. Lightly place plastic trays to avoid uneven force and damage when landing.

2. When placing cargo, it should be placed evenly to avoid side stumbling when lifting.

3. When using handling equipment, you should consider whether the size of the difference is suitable for use on this plastic tray to avoid improper size and damage the plastic tray.

4. When using the stack, consider the weight of the bottom tray.

Proper use of plastic trays should be done on plastic trays with appropriate strapping and wraps for easy handling and transport using machinery to meet handling, transportation and storage requirements. In order to enable the plastic tray to be used safely for a long time, it is desirable to use the plastic tray correctly according to the following requirements:

1. Plastic trays should be protected from sunlight exposure to prevent aging and shorten the service life.

2. It is forbidden to throw the goods from high places in plastic trays. Reasonably determine the stacking method of the goods in the tray. Evenly place the goods and do not concentrate and stack them eccentrically. The pallets carrying heavy objects should be placed on a flat surface or on the surface of an object.

3. It is forbidden to drop the plastic tray from a high place, so as to avoid breaking or cracking the tray due to violent impact.

4. When the forklift or manual hydraulic vehicle is working, the fork punctures to the outside of the fork hole of the pallet as far as possible, and the fork puncture should fully extend into the tray. After the pallet is lifted up steadily, the angle can be changed. The fork must not hit the side of the tray to avoid breaking or cracking the tray.

5. When pallets are placed on shelves, shelf-type trays must be used. The carrying capacity is determined according to the structure of the shelves and is strictly prohibited.

6. When carrying corrosive articles, pay attention to the packing and loading of the articles to avoid contamination of the trays.

7. When using a plastic tray, try not to put it in a damp and dark place, so as not to affect the service life of the plastic tray.

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