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Thin - walled cup mould making principle.
May 19, 2018

Prepare tools/materials.

High speed injection molding machine.

High speed precision lathe

Step one:

When the water surface is designed, zero goes to zero.

Step 2:

The box body with the cover, the gap between 0.15-0.2mm.

Step 3

The edge of the cover is fitted with the box body, and the design time is about 0.8-1mm, depending on the product size. 4. The design of the tendon is generally thinner than the product. Most of the ultra-thin products are made of transparent material, and the gluten is too thick to produce bubbles.

Step four:

The product is simple in shape, without any backings and perforations, similar to the cup, the product surface is more than 3 degrees, can be designed as side gas, oblique gas, valve and so on.

Step 5:

The steel bar on the stripper plate is 1mm high. For the processing of this rib, the stripper can be set up. 3. Design method of multi-cavity mode: (1) independent self-locking: multi-cavity independent self-locking is suitable for all kinds of thin-wall mold design, each cavity is independent, and the mold core bottom clamping surface type core cladding plate. (2) overall locking: the wall thickness is greater than 0.8mm, the machine is relatively small, and it is difficult to put in and adopt the monolithic structure, but it must be explained in advance.

Step 6:

Design of cavity and core structure:

(1) S136 steel is generally used in the cavity plate.

(2) the bottom of the cavity of the single cavity bucket structure cavity is empty, and it is necessary to ensure that the pressing plate has a steel material with a height above 45mm. Prevent the cavity from producing a flying edge.

(3) it is used to reduce the cracking of thin steel in the cavity.

(4) pouring water cover to reduce the cooling time of hot runner.

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