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Plastic tray features
May 23, 2018

     1. Flexing force: Instant flexing force can prevent the cargo on the pallet from falling when lifted by the forklift;

2. Bending: After the plastic tray is placed on the shelf, the bending of the plastic tray will gradually increase, and it cannot be bent more than ten millimeters in the automatic warehouse;

3. Impact resistance and durability;

4. Usability: light weight, simple operation, easy access forklift, stable size;

5. Dynamic load: The maximum weight that can be lifted using a forklift once; Static load: The maximum weight that the lowermost pallet can withstand in palletizing; Overhead loading: Allowing palletized goods to be placed on shelves The maximum weight. The difference in load is closely related to the shelf, temperature and storage period;

6. Health: It does not rot, does not absorb moisture, is easy to wash, and is easy to dry without insects and bacteria;

7. Security: light weight, no nails, protrusions;

8. Long life, can be recycled.


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