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Plastic tray features
May 22, 2018

1. Four sides can be inserted, easy to operate;

2. Both suitable for stacking in the warehouse, but also suitable for use on various types of shelves;

3. Suitable for all kinds of trucks to transport, to facilitate the containerization of materials, unit transport;

4. Handy forklifts, hydraulic pallet trucks and other handling tools;

5. With non-slip rubber to ensure that the material will not slip during handling and transportation;

6 long life, and can be recycled;

7. The plastic trays are safe, hygienic, mothproof and mothproof and do not require repairs.

Affected by the production of molds (complicated design, high prices), plastic trays are less arbitrarily configurable and dimensional, and production companies must continue to develop and gradually enrich their product range. However, it is sometimes impossible to meet special size requirements.

Since the plastic tray is basically formed once, its repairability after damage is very low. After a certain degree of damage, it can only be scrapped, but the waste can be recycled.

One-time investment in the purchase of larger, usually 2-5 times the wooden pallet.

Plastic trays are warehousing and logistics products widely used in storage and transportation.

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