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Mold Manufacturing
Nov 20, 2017

Mold Design requirements are: precise size, smooth surface, reasonable structure, high production efficiency, easy to automate, easy to manufacture, high life, low cost, design in line with the needs of the process, economic and reasonable.

The design of die structure and parameter selection should consider the factors such as rigidity, orientation, unloading mechanism, positioning method and clearance size. The vulnerable parts on the mould should be easily replaced. For the plastic mold and die casting, it is also necessary to consider the reasonable pouring system, melt plastic or metal flow status, enter the cavity position and direction. In order to increase the productivity and reduce the pouring loss of runner, the multi cavity mould can be used to complete many identical or different products simultaneously in one mould. High-efficiency, high precision and life-span molds should be used in mass production.

The punching die should adopt the Multi-position progressive die, the cemented carbide insert block progressive die can be used to improve the life. In the small batch production and the new product trial-produce, should adopt the simple structure, the manufacture fast, the cost low simple mold, such as the combination die, the sheet metal die, the polyurethane rubber mold, the low melting point alloy mold, the zinc alloy mold, the superplastic alloy mold and so on. The mold has started to use computer-aided design (CAD), that is, through a complete set of computer-based systems to optimize the mold. This is the development direction of mold design.

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