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Key points of Die design
Nov 20, 2017

Pre-design Review

1. Mould Material

2. Molding Products

3. Molding Machine Selection

4. Modular Base Structure

Two important projects of mold design

1. Multi-color Injection combination method

2. Runner System

(1) Low ejection pressure

(2) Rapid filling complete, can increase production

(3) can be evenly shot out, product quality is good

(4) Reduce waste and shorten injection time

3. Molding Equipment:

(1) The ejection quantity of each ejection cylinder, decides that color with that one material cylinder.

(2) The position and stroke of the strike rod.

(3) The configuration of water, oil, and circuit on the rotating disk.

(4) The bearing weight of the rotating disk.

4. Mold base design: Mold Kernel configuration design

First of all, the mold side must be rotated 180 degrees, mold kernel set must cross symmetrical arrangement, otherwise it can not die.

(1) Guide column: With the function of guiding Park and master module. The concentricity must be maintained in the polychromatic mode.

(2) The return pin: Because the mold must rotate the movement, therefore must the top out plate fixed, in the back position pin adds the spring causes the top out board to maintain the stability.

(3) Locating block: Ensure that the two-mode seat is fixed to the large solid plate without the displacement caused by the clearance problem of the screw.

(4) Adjustment block (wear-resisting block): It is mainly used to adjust the height z-coordinate error of die when clamping.

(5) Top out mechanism: the design of the ejection mode is the same as that of the general mould.

(6) Cooling circuit design: Mold One and die two cooling circuit design as much as possible.

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