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Crate mould (nz-c001)
May 19, 2018

Crate box mould.

Product materials: PP, PE, PA, PS, PC, ABS, PPS, TPE, PET, PMMA etc.

Tooling design, mold manufacturing and injection molding processing.

Mold materials: 45 #, 50 #, 60 #, 40CR, P20H, 718H, 2738, 2316, S136, H13, NAK80 for your choice, die frame: 45 # pre-hard >30RC.

The cooling system optimizes the design of circulating water, improves production efficiency and reduces your cost.

Medium processing, tempering, nitriding, improving hardness.

Late treatment of nitrification (low temperature of nitriding treatment, small deformation, no need for quenching, high surface hardness (greater than HV850) and wear resistance)

Die inside and outside chrome treatment, mirror polishing. Good flatness, high accuracy, easy to mold.

Die life: P20 normal use no less than 300 thousand mold.

The mode of transportation must be equipped with lock module and logistics transportation before the mould is shipped.

Remark: during the process of production, we shall provide the customer with the product requirements of mold development.

(1) defects affecting the visual effects such as no deformation, shrinkage cavity and perforation marks on the surface.

(2) the ownership of the mold belongs to the customer.

(iii) mold delivery time: the mold delivery sample time is 35 days.

Except for special circumstances :(for example, due to the modification of party a's products or delay in time)

(iv) mold acceptance mode: according to the requirements of the customer, the product assembly is qualified and can be formally produced.

(5) process of mold making: audiovisual - preparation - rough machining - finishing - inspection - assembly - flying mold - chrome-plated - sample - production (delivery)

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