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Blister pallet production with what mold
Nov 20, 2017

Blister pallet making molds, just beginning many manufacturers in order to save costs will say that plaster mold, but the plaster mold is not as accurate as aluminum alloy mold copper durable, blister industry also with aluminum alloy mold and copper application more.

Gypsum mold is the production of gypsum molds washed out after drying in the dry area, then according to the surface bump situation, with the drilling flowers in the case of the use of the mold in the low out of the drill many small holes to increase the suction of the mold, and then the product proofing out, which is the same as the copper production method, but copper also in proofing out after the electroplating. Aluminum alloy mold is usually to the mold processing factory special proofing. Three kinds of molds for the blister processing plant is more commonly used pallet molds, aluminum alloy mold and copper application is more extensive.

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