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High Quality Plastic Crate Mould

High Quality Plastic Crate Mould

Our Trade Process: 1.R&D Customers provide the design or physical sampleas. 2.Negotiation Mutual discuss for the materials ,the price ,delivery time etc 3.Place the order Strictly do according to the order to meet our customer needs 4.Mould Design con firmation by our customer-Mould making...

Our Trade Process:


1.R&D                    Customers provide the design or physical sampleas.

2.Negotiation          Mutual discuss for the materials ,the price ,delivery time etc

3.Place the order     Strictly do according to the order to meet our customer needs

4.Mould                  Design confirmation by our customer-Mould making strictly by the design

5.Sample                 Trial sample-our customer to confirm

6.Delivery               Delivery could according to our customers required by sea


Production process:



 We can make all kinds of high quality crate mould as customer’s require,the quotation can be provide based on customer’s drawing or sample.our mould are both excellent in quality and reasonable in price.


Sample room:





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