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Multi-Cavity Bucket Mould

ENA Mould is known as one of the best manufacturers and exporters for plastic injection mould for household articles, chair mould, pallet mould, crate mould, automotive mould and so on. Our mould are mainly exported to Poland, Jordan, Brazil, Turkey, Iran, India, Egypt and other 20 countries....

Multi-Cavity Bucket Mould

ENA Mould co.,ltd . 

We have a lot of experience in production and high technology and have been doing mould for many years. As an OEM and ODM factory, our main products are used for home appliances mould, electrical appliances mould, pharmaceutical equipment mould, bathroom accessories mould, building plastic parts mould, toys and crafts mould. 

Our mould are exported to European and American countries, such as America, Germany, Canada, Spain, Sweden, Denmark, and Australia.

Besides, Quality Foremost is one of our long cherished policies. Since great importance has been attached to quality control, our products' FPY has been as high as 98%, and the target qualification rate has been 100%. Therefore, we have gained the trust, acceptance, and popularity from our present clients, many multinational corporations, and some top 500 enterprises.


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Why Choose US ?

1.ENA is a collection research and development, production, sales for the integration of technology companies, provide one-stop production and sales service 

2.We have a high-level designers team and we adopt advanced machine as CNC\DMG\EDM\CMM. 

3.We have first-class product quality, improve the mold design, advanced production and processing technology, reasonable price, the excellent ability to deliver on time.

4.With strict Quality Management system

5.We are all with high quality and customer demand as the center.We can tailor various kinds of products for each customer as per their requirements.

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